Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I took my 12 year old to high school today.
She's growing up so fast.
Thankfully, it wasn't for class.
And she was only there for an hour or so.
With me.
My 6th grader has asked to go "to" school next year, so we are looking into the options we have for her; specifically the same school her brother is attending. There is a long list of  to-do's that we have to do to apply for admission and acceptance. One of them is a personal interview. So that's what we did at the high school today, since the office is over there.
She'll be going to 7th grade.
I'm going to miss her. She's getting to the age where we can have more grown-up conversations. She is starting to get the jokes I make. I know, few people get those, but it's nice to have a kid who can at least smile at my attempts. But she has been asking for quite awhile to go 'to' school, so, thus, we are investigating.
Homeschool has been a long but fun road we've gone down. It's my opinion that children need their parents, need the foundation that parents can give, before turning them over to the world. I wanted a solid foundation in my children before I think about sending them away for 8 hours a day to listen to someone else fill their heads with their own thoughts, opinions and worldview. I also want my children to know how to relate to various age groups, not just their own. With a few of my children, this has been easy. With the shy ones, it takes a little more work. But as in everything, it is worth it.

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