Saturday, March 9, 2013

In My Corner

In my corner of the world this week ...
I have been running. Many different ways. I've found some new routes, and that has helped any monotony I had been feeling.
I made it up to a six mile run this past week. I am hoping to get a 7 or 8 miler in the next couple of days. The sunshine has been out, and I've been itching to get back out on the road. Other commitments have zapped my time though.
The family helped set up for a basketball celebration yesterday. And then we celebrated. And the Boy and I helped set up, work at, and tear down, at the school's carnival.
I am tired.
The weekend isn't over, and we've got more to do.
But it's fun! I made a chocolate cake roll tonight for my father-in-law's birthday. Lots of fun!
I watched my son dance to 80s music. Even more fun. Lately he has been listening to radio that plays the songs I heard in high school, or earlier. I guess I am officially old now.
I helped the Girl apply for school, go through an interview, and get the paperwork in. Now to apply for the financial aid!!!
I received 3 of my magazines in the mail on one day! It was a literary feast. It also happened to be the same day we went to the library, so I am set for awhile with reading material.
I am also re-reading a series by my favorite author Stephen Bly. If you like a little humor, clean books, some western flavor to your reading, check out his books.
So, what have you been up to?

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