Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just another day

My life is never dull.
Oh, sure I have days where not too much happens.
But it's never dull. If it isn't my 5 kids and my awesome husband,  then it's the world just outside my doorstep that keeps life interesting.
Today I went on my long run. Of course it began to rain as soon as I pulled myself off the couch and put my running shoes on. But I still went. And I made my Boy come along on his bicycle. Because running 9 miles in the rain isn't any fun alone. We had a good time, commenting on the sights as we went along.
And then a couple of miles from home, we witnessed an Event.
We had just crested a hill, and were coming down the other side when I noticed a man out of his car, with the engine smoking. I saw something underneath it, and it hit my brain that the car was on fire. And we were about 1/2 mile away, so I couldn't yell out to him. So I yelled it to my son. As we watched the young man lift the hood, and we watched the flames leap up, and then he slammed the hood down and did a little angry dance. I think I am glad we were too far away to hear what he had to say. My son got to him first, with the cell phone, and called 911. Thankfully the young man wasn't hurt. But we stayed to watch the fire consume the engine part of the car, and the front half/ And then we stayed to watch the firemen do their work. And the policemen. And the traffic control. It was all quite exciting. But at the same time, and my heart just went out to the young guy. I hoped he had insurance. I hoped he didn't have anything irreplaceable in the car. I hoped his parents would be understanding, or his boss;
A car on fire.
Thankfully, You just don't see that every day.

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