Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rainy Day

It's a rainy Saturday in Oregon.
I have a child who is still sick.
So she and I and Little K. stayed home this morning while the other 3 kids and G. went to the Awana Games. Our sick girl was quite disappointed she was not able to go! It was her last year of competing and she was a key player. Unfortunately, her body didn't cooperate with her plans.
So we stayed in and watched TV. Well, they watched while I cleaned and baked.

We like to watch the Food channel; Chopped is one of our favorites. The only problem with that is ... I then go in the kitchen and crank out some kind of goodie, but tweak the recipe a little. (I guess that isn't really any different from any other time I cook.) This time I took my oatmeal muffin recipe*, the one from my awesome friend Debbie, and I added jam to the center. Wow! Such a little change, but so yummy!
I've got the chili in the crockpot going, and I'm working on cinnamon roll from PW's cookbook.

Here's the thing about cooking shows - there are SO many of them. Cupcake ones, and chef ones, and restaurant ones, and weird diners. I want to see one called Laundry Wars - who can get that stain out quickest? Or how about Clean My House? Where some unsuspecting mom gets her house cleaned by the quickest team. My husband chimed in and said, What about Landscaping Wars? Yeah, we could use all those 'reality' shows here in our home. So feel free to nominate us for any of those.

*new recipe posted under my Recipe tab*

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