Friday, March 15, 2013


I never imagined I would be here yesterday:
 But I was, flying!
Up over the mountains and into the neighboring state.

love how the prop is shown; not what I could see with my eye
 My awesome father in-law offered to take me to my husband so I could 'rescue' him. My poor guy - he had been sick all night in the hotel room, with a very painful stomach. Almost a repeat of what had happened last month. He made it to the hospital, and with that my planning went into action. I found a ride to the airport to meet my f.i.l. I found relatives to stay with my kids (who are all sick) and someone to pick up the Boy from school. Anything else I didn't deal with - so if you sent me an email or phone call about something else, I will eventually get to it... just not yet.
I had to take the photos with my phone. I kicked myself (mentally kick kick kick) for not taking my camera. Seeing Mt Hood up close and personal from a little airplane was so amazing! I loved flying! We had a few little bumps with the air, but with prayer, and trust in my pilot, we made it without problem.
So my f.i.l. dropped me off, and turned around and flew back home. I got in the pickup with G and drove him home. Thankfully he didn't have any more attacks, and the hospital had set him up with pain meds and antibiotics to get him through. He will meet with the surgeon this afternoon and figure out when and if his gallbladder needs to come out. That's what the problem was/is - inflamed gallbladder. Ah, the gall of it.
The l-o-n-g drive home gave us time to talk about all kinds of things. It was almost like a date. Not one that I would intentionally repeat.
Yep, my husband keeps my life interesting.

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