Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break

We're entering day three of our break here. Although with all the time off we had last week because of health issues, I can't really call this day three of a break. More like day 45.
The first day was spent shopping. Now that might sound like a good time for some people. But it was a chore I put off until we had lots of free time.
I have a couple of very picky children. Those who have to have just the right feel to their jeans or they won't wear them. They will let them sit in their drawers and languish, never to see the light of day, unless I pull them out and ask, "What do you mean you don't have any pants?! What about these?!" And I'll get the standard reply, "They don't fit right." Meaning, I can't stand them and there is no way I am going to put those on.
Yes, my mother's dream came true. I am re-living my childhood through my own children. I was one who didn't want certain clothing items my mom got (or made) me. And I would find some excuse not to wear them.
On the bright side, I have a few children, who don't mind what they wear. This makes shopping for them a bit easier. We've been hitting the second hand stores too. Which I totally love! Because why pay $54 for a dress (yeah, that is an actual price we saw on a little girl's dress which looked exactly like the one we bought) when we could find it for less than $10 at second hand? Awesome.What I also love about this is my kids are getting it. They are seeing the way to save the $$ and still have some nice things.
So a new day dawns in front of us. It's a 'friend' day which means shuttling people around to their friend's house and having friends over here. Lots more fun than shopping.

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