Saturday, March 23, 2013

Every Other

Tuesday morning, I woke up with a day of plans to check off my list. I needed to buy diapers (we were down to two left!) I needed to get wood for heat. We were on the last few logs. No biggie, I knew we could get these errands taken care of.
Until I got The Phone Call.
Oh yeah. That change-in-schedule-drop-everything-kind of phone call.
My husband went back to Washington for business on the day before. And he had a terrible deja vu, waking in the middle of the night again with intense pain in his gut. And the medicine his doctor had given had not worked at all. So he was on his way home. In Pain.
I set down the vacuum and got the troops in order. I made my phone calls and headed out to meet G.
My mom took the girls, my aunt volunteered her help, and we met the patient halfway, or more, on his drive. I took it from there so he could just writhe in the passenger seat. Off to the hospital we sped, fled.
12 hours after it started, he finally had pain relief.
After a whole lot of other phone calls and time, G finally went into surgery and had his gallbladder removed on Tuesday night. We picked him up Wednesday morning and got him home by noon, a much happier man.
So, I am thankful for an exciting life, however, I'm okay if God wants to take a break and allow us some dull moments this week.

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