Thursday, May 23, 2013

A L.K.F.

It's a little known fact ... 

that 16 years ago May 23rd fell on a Friday.

And the day after, I married my best friend.

Hard to believe it has been 16 years since then. Hard to believe I've known G for 21 years. That's longer than I didn't know him.

So ...
In my corner of the world -
-Today my son cleaned up at his school's awards ceremony. I guess smart genes run in the family.
-My girls cracked a ton of walnuts for me; so now I can make all those terrific brownies and granola bars and cakes with walnuts in them, and be happy, happy, ... and motivate myself to run
- I caught the cold my girl has earlier in the week. My throat is scratchy. All I want to do is sit, close my eyes, and not have to do anything. Unfortunately, moms don't get a sick day; so I took it easy and just did laundry and went to an awards ceremony instead of the 10,000 things I usually do.


  1. oh, I am thinking sitting in the tire place was a good rest for the body? probably not with the 3 year old and that smell--well your stuffed nose took care of that!!

  2. Congrats to Sam!! Way to go!

    Aunt marilyn

  3. walnuts in brownies????? noooooooooooooo!!!!