Monday, May 13, 2013

Mom's weekend

We spent Saturday farmin'
This is what the younger ones farmin' looks like:
I'm told it was a volcano.

My sisters and I spent the time weeding the garden.
The rows seem to stretch on forever, so the good advice was to not look up ahead very far. Kind of like the advice when you are on a bridge and they say don't look down. Sort of like that.

The next day was much more relaxed. Thankfully. Mother's Day isn't a huge deal for our family. In the past years the kids and husband make sure I don't have to cook. Sometimes we go to the beach. This time around we stayed local; took a nice long nap (It's official, I'm a grown-up, I enjoy naps.)
In the evening 3 of my girls were in their final choir performance/play. The oldest girl had one of the lead parts. My 2nd girl had a role, a silent role, but it was hilarious. And the third got to sing a line solo, and then sang with the choir.
These girls make me laugh. And they make me so proud! I was blessed to see and hear my children singing praise songs to God, shouting them loudly alongside their friends.
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