Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It was difficult motivating myself to get out and run yesterday. I was making up all kinds of excuses in my head.
The day before had been sunny and beautiful; but there was so much to do, including work at the farm, that I put off the run until the next day. Silly. The next day - which was yesterday - was rainy and cold. So cold! A number of fellow Oregonians commented on how it felt like winter again.
So how did I get myself out in the wet, cold to run 3+ miles?
It was a few things. Let me list them for you.
1. A donut. Yes, there was a small bundle of deliciousness waiting to meet my mouth, sitting on the counter (in a box). And I wanted to enjoy the moment, and not feel any sense of guilt eating it.
2. This video. And this one. I came across these videos on facebook, and watched them before I even got my running clothes on. Yes, I cried. And then I went out and ran and enjoyed the feeling, because I could! Zach Sobiech was an inspiration. I prayed for his family, knowing they had just said their final goodbyes the day before.
3. My own kids. How could I not be moved by the above video? It reminded me, once again, of the precious 5 we have, and how blessed we are with good health, good brains, good looks (IMHO), and good character.
4. A phone call from a friend. "Deb" called me the day before to share her excitement about running 5 miles. The most she has ever run! I was so excited for her too! Excited that she did it, happy that she chose to share it with me, and moved to go and run - because if she can, then I can!
As much as I love running, it's the getting out the door that is the hardest part.

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  1. A beautiful video! What an inspiration -- how he took something like cancer and turned it into something positive. And to pass it on to his family and girlfriend! Thank you so much for sharing this.