Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So how do you handle stress?
Some people I know wake up at 3 am and don't go back to sleep.
Some people I know get cranky with everyone else.
I internalize, and then I have these dreams. They are not fun dreams either.
I used to dream I was driving a car,
from the backseat,
in reverse.
Waking up from those I would realize I was stressed about something.
Thankfully I haven't had that dream in a long, long time. But I guess it has taken a different shape, because I have had similar dreams in the past couple of years like this one:
Last night I dreamed my husband and I were in college, but weren't married. And here we had all these kids. And then he tells me he's leaving, and I'm on my own.
And I don't handle that well. (Remember it's only a dream)
And then I tell him he can't go because we are married.
And then, this is the crazy part this time around, I actually woke up, in a bit of a haze you know, when I was still probably half asleep, and I had to ask myself, We are married right?
And I knew I was, and it was all not-for-real. But what an awful feeling I was left with, with the remnant of that dream still floating around.
I'll figure out eventually what stress led up to this.


  1. maybe you are stressed that you haven't found enough time for just the two of you? or you are afraid something will happen to him and you'll be a single parent ( that scare of him away in the hospital may have triggered this)?

  2. my stress turns into bad dreams too. my re-occuring dream is that i lose teeth. anytime there is something big and stressful going on in my life i have a dream i've lost a tooth or my teeth are falling out. kinda strange. of course i was dreaming that dream this week with all that's been going on with caleb. hope you can figure out what brought on your bad dream. :)

    1. I think my stress dreams come about when G was/is traveling. Not fun!