Friday, May 24, 2013

Another list

16 Things I have learned in my years of marriage

1. Laugh at yourself.
2. Laugh with each other.
3. Tell him what I am thinking.
4. Don't belittle him in public. Or at home. Or ever.
5. Let him know I need him.
6. Respect him.
7. Like his family (which is easy to do!)
8. Don't be mad when he doesn't want to be with my relatives every weekend.
9. Share the load.
10. Go say I'm sorry even if I think he should say it first.
11. Trust. Trust him to do right. Trust God to take care of him.
12. Pray for him every day.
13. When my eye or mind starts to wander, I think of him.
14. Sing him silly love songs.
15. Find out his love language(s), and do it. (Love Languages, by Gary Chapman)
16. Let him lead the family, even if it is hard to watch.

There are probably more, but I'll save those for the next 60 years of lists.
Happy Anniversary sweetie!

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