Friday, May 31, 2013

No Change

I had hoped today would be the day I could write about an exciting change in our lives. We had hoped for something new to be coming. Well, the word came to our house yesterday that there would be no change in our schedules. No change in the day to day grind. My husband will be continuing his work just like he has for the past 14 years. He'll travel when he has too, which seems like a lot, but overall it's less than a soldier does. He'll deal with frustrating administration. He'll enjoy talking with his customers.
About 2 months ago, in the middle of travel season, he had had enough; not just with the traveling, but also with other aspects of his job. He asked some specific people to pray for him, and a new job. Less than a week later a friend came to him with a job opportunity and encouraged G to apply for it. So we went through the roller coaster of resumes, application, and interviews. 3 interviews! with this company. We were optimistic. We were hopeful. We prayed, thinking that this was the path God was leading us down. We asked for this opportunity to be granted. We started to dream and make "if we get the job" lists. Then, like a girl who doesn't get a phone call after the 3rd date, we started to question the outcome. We remained cautiously optimistic. Until yesterday. The letter came that said basically, thanks but we chose someone else. The door slammed shut.
We are now dealing with disappointment, feeling of rejections, probably some feeling of failure too.We thought that God was showing us this path, and now we are reeling, wondering what happened. Now the lists in my head veer toward "what's the next step?" What do we do to continue living like we were before? How do we model dealing with this in front of the kids?
I am so grateful that G has a job right now. Thankful that he actually likes the work he does. I'm not mad at God. I know He's taking care of us. We always have plenty to eat; we have a home, and clothing and heat. The other day I read someone's blog post about her husband having 50 different job applications! So I know we're in a good spot ourselves.

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