Friday, May 17, 2013

Growing up

This girl of mine, she's only 12 ("and a half"). But sometimes I feel like she is light years ahead.
a little 'broom' guitar

And some days not so much.

Every time we go to the farm no, she asks to drive Grandpa's tractor. One of these days, he's going to let her. This week while we were there, she asked to drive ... the pickup. I just shook my head.
But then, I surprised her. On the way out the long (straight) driveway, I stopped the pickup, climbed out and shooshed her over into the driver's seat. Yeah, she was beaming by then. We went over the foot pedals and what they did. And she drove. About 500 feet or so. There was minor whiplash when she stopped. But not enough to send me to a doctor.

Today she took another big step. I was probably more nervous and worried than she was - or appeared to be. She went off on her very first weekend-long church retreat. She was excited to go. And here's the thing - she didn't think any of her buddies were going to be there. Oh, there were people going that she knows, but not any that she really hangs out with. I was quite excited to see one of her best friends there when we went to drop her off. I almost cried tears of relief. It's hard for this momma to let her chicks out of the coop.

In other news, little sister is getting eyeglasses. We were doing school earlier this week and the 7 year old said, I can't see the board. We have a whiteboard on the dining room wall. She was at the table and couldn't see. It was about 8 feet away, maybe. So she went in for an exam today, and the doc confirmed my suspicions. Yes, she needs glasses. So we'll go pick some out next week. I was around her age when I got my glasses.

And finally. I've been cleaning out a closet today. It's all part of the scheme to get my spare room organized, to get books put away and stuff removed. I finally found the 2 last boxes of books that we had packed up years ago when we thought we were moving. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! I didn't have any idea they were in there! I also came across some memorabilia of my childhood and school years. There were a few things in there from our wedding days too; of special interest was a letter my niece wrote to me, probably about 16 years go. She is now a near-graduation college student, so it was fun to read and remind her of it. An excerpt: "I'm glad I'm like you and I hope I will always be like you and maybe when I grow up I can get married to somebody as nice as G."  So sweet ! I know my own girls look up to their older cousins now.

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