Friday, May 3, 2013

Spit and Grit

My husband would be so proud of the little ladies we're raising
I took them out to the farm today; on one of the car rides I hear one girl say to her sister, "I'll spit out the window and see if it hits your hand."
The other sister replied, "OK"
and I said, "Gross!"
Then I heard laughter throughout the pickup. 
We helped weed a few rows of garbanzo beans today. The kids have a plot that they are suppose to tend for the summer. They'll reap the benefits if they see it through to the end. My dad sells the plants and beans to someone, and so there might be some school money coming in at the end of the season. That's the plan anyway.

Such a gorgeous sunny day! We also helped Grandpa plant string beans.
The gunslinger was quite excited to get a chance to go out and shoot her birthday gift. This year she got a pink (yes! Pink!) "gee-yuu-enn."  It's only bee-bees of course; our family rule is you have to be 10 to get one of those. Although she was kind enough to let her younger sister have a try too.
 And I'll leave you with an awesome question from my 3 year old.
 In the car (again,) she asks, "Mom, why do you have polka dots on your elbow?"
and then it dawned on me... "Oh, those are just moles on my skin."
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  1. haha! that spit story is pretty funny :) lil ladies. yes my sisters and i did some pretty gross stuff in our day too ;)what good farm workers! the boys enjoy tending to their garden, but i can't wait to take them on the farm hopefully this summer!