Monday, July 29, 2013

An Abundance of food

The farm is in its abundance this time of year.
We headed out early this morning to help harvest more garbanzo beans. This time around I got to help. Thankfully it is a lot easier to harvest the beans than it is to weed them, and keep them weeded!
While we were there we helped my parents pick produce - ending up with apples, tomatoes, green beans, onions, cabbage, beets, squash, and zucchini. SO many green beans.
When we got back home I immediately got to work; first I got the crockpot going with supper - split pea soup; one of our favorites. One of my girls absolutely hates it, but I still make her eat some. Then I had the kids start snipping beans. We had about 4 buckets full of beans to process. I got the jars and all other paraphernalia ready for canning and started in on the process. We finally finished up with it all by 7 pm tonight.
And I was so thankful for a crockpot of supper ready and waiting.
Because after I started my canning, the kids cracked a bunch of walnuts for me; peeled and chopped a box of apples, and then did their chores and helped with other things I needed. The two older girls wanted to cook - so I handed over the apples to them to make an apple pie, and we had enough for an apple crisp too! Amazingly, the kitchen did not end up as a disaster zone either! And the apple crisp tasted oh so good with a spot, or two, of ice cream after supper tonight.
I didn't even have to do dishes either.
On a side note .. my girls want to start their own blog. (Thus the desire in baking more today. )They are in the process of putting it together now, so it looks kind of rough; but if you go to their site Food4Thought, you can share in their fun.

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