Friday, July 19, 2013

Warning. Pay Attention

Most vehicles come equipped with warning lights on the dashboard to let you know something is wrong. My husband calls them idiot lights.
*Interruption for a side story here* When we were first married G. was teaching me to drive a stick-shift Jeep. I had no choice because it was the only vehicle I had to get to work. So we were driving his parents home one day in our Jeep. He was driving, Dad in the passenger seat, while I was in the back with his mom. A light flashed on the dash, "Shift" and his dad asked about it. My husband said something to the effect of, "Oh that's the dummy light to tell dummies when to shift." And from the backseat my quiet voice tells him, "I use that light."*
So I like those little lights on the dash. And yes, people, you should pay attention to them! Earlier in the week, my husband was out of town, and the battery light showed up on the dash of my pick-up. I watched all my gauges, listened for any noises, and when I got home I called my husband to let him know. He said to try a few things, but he wasn't sure why it was flashing. So the next day, thankfully I made it through all my errands and drop-offs/pick-ups of the kids. My husband got home and drove the pickup a long distance to take the kids over to the grandparents. The warning light was still on. It was on the way home that the pickup died. First the lights shut down, then the dashboard started lighting up with all kinds of warning lights, eventually everything went down. He made it to about 2 blocks from home. A neighbor and I went out to help and we all pushed the pick-up home.
After charging the battery the next day we got it - barely - down to our mechanic. That was a stressful drive! But we have an awesome mechanic and he got the alternator fixed and readied the pickup for us by late that afternoon!

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