Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In My Corner

In my corner of the world last week ...
we had a doozy of a week. So this is going to appear kind of random (that's for you Amy!) : )
The kids had VBS every morning - which was pretty nice as Little K and I got a lot done and spent some great time one on one. She loves to do puzzles now, so we spent a lot time doing that, besides cleaning shopping baking and organizing.
My aunt had a huge garage sale last week, so we got a few things out to that, and of course, we found a few items there that we brought home too!
We also dealt with a lot of grief last week. A friend of ours died in a tragic accident. My husband and I had some good conversations about sorrow and prayer from all of this. But it still hurts.
I bought a waffle maker again. Finally. I went to Costco this time, because if this one breaks at least they will take it back and replace it!
This week we are prepping for camping. That involves a lot of lists for me. And some shopping. Which I actually don't like anymore - the spending money part. All 5 kids wanted to go with me yesterday afternoon. So we hit like 7 stores in 2 1/2 hours. I bypassed Costco at the end of the trip because we had all hit our limit of patience with each other, along with the heat of the day. And is it just me or do people seem to drive crazy once it gets hot out?!

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