Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I talked to my son today.

This in itself should not be cause for a blog post. But the fact that I haven't talked to him since Saturday morning is the reason behind it all. He is away at football camp. And I miss him. I miss any of my kids when they are away for more than one night. The Family just isn't right with someone missing.

Normally, we are not "summer camp" people. It just doesn't fit with our family philosophy. And it usually costs an arm and a leg and an gallbladder procedure; of which we have had enough of. So when the football season started -which by the way, seems like they started a little early. Back in the day when I was in school football didn't start until August, but the boy has been out there since June! - so when it started, the note came around that there was a mandatory camp this week for this team.

I resisted in my mind. Thoroughly. We told the Boy he had to come up with the funds because there was no way we could. And he did! Through a deal with the school, if the student is able to sell some advertising, the money will go toward their camp cost. And so a great big thank you goes to our mechanic friend Mr. G who listened to my son's sales talk and bought some advertising!

So I dropped the Boy off Saturday morning with some trepidation and lots of prayer. And he finally called home tonight! This mama's heart was happy. I will probably give him a great big hug when he gets in tomorrow. And he will probably not like that in front of his buddies. But sometimes that just happens.

I can't imagine how I am going to handle it when he, and his sisters, start going off to college.

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