Sunday, July 14, 2013


When was the last time you went to a movie?
I'm not a big fan of going to movie theaters. The sound is usually too loud for me; the seats are sticky; or I imagine creepy crawlies all over them. And I can't pause the movie to go to the bathroom whenever I want to. So to my husband's consternation I haven't been to the movies in years. He, on the other hand, enjoys going. Especially to those action kind of films that are so loud. I still remember seeing The Rock - or maybe it was Con Air -  back when I was pregnant with our first child. Not only because it was Nicolas Cage (!) but because it was so loud I had to pile our coats over my tummy so the little guy inside would settle down!
Now, I won't rule out going to a theater. There are a few movies I would like to see if someone wanted to take me.(The Heat; Saving Mr. Banks) But I guess I'm cheap enough to actually wait until they come out on cable or DVD.
However, we had a family outing last night that included a movie, just the right amount of sound, and it wasn't in a house.
We took the girls to a drive in movie! (And the Boy didn't go only because he is at football camp. But that's another story.) After church we hurried through the drive-through burger joint and drove to a nearby town to the drive-in. We set up camp and settled in. Ok, we actually chowed down first because we were all starving; the girls rearranged the pillows and blankets a few times, with a few knees and elbows meeting backs and shins a few times; and there were a couple of trips to the bathroom, and around the grounds for exploring. As night fell, finally, the show began. The girls were enthralled with it all. Little K wiggled a bit, and I didn't have to hush her when she wanted to look at all the stars instead of the show. It also helped that the minions we were watching on the big screen were pretty funny!
I kind of wish that there were more drive-ins around the country. I have a vague memory of going to one when I was little, and watching The Black Hole.
How about you? Any drive-in memories?

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