Tuesday, November 10, 2009


By the end of last week I did not feel like smiling at anyone. Hence the earlier post. But by Saturday afternoon the sunshine was back in my life. My bestest friend, my husband G, took all 4 kids for the day, and let me go out.
Shopping alone.
Did I mention I was alone?
And I loved it. I needed it.
I was out of the house by 9 am!
I wandered through stores. I tried clothes on over and over and over. Nobody whined about going to the bathroom. Nobody was hungry except me.
So I went and got a Jamba Juice and one of their pretzels. And nobody asked for a bite.
OK, I love the kids and love being the mom ... but every so often, I just need to be on my own.
I found some maternity clothes and some were even on sale. And if it wasn't for needing a nap, I would have stayed away even longer. As it was I surprised them all and came home mid-afternoon.
But it gets even better!
I got to go out again yesterday all by myself, to check out a sale on maternity clothes. And then again today I got to go and get my hair cut and styled. My wonderful husband worked from home both days, allowing me to spread my wings a little bit more. I'll have to savor the moments for awhile - at least until I need to get Christmas gifts next month for the kids! Another good reason to go shopping by myself.
Thanks G!

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