Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Thursday Thoughts

  • I lay awake from 4 until 6 this morning; tossing and turning and trying to stop the tide of mental gymnastics.
  • Baby K is sleeping 4 to 5 hours in a row at night this week! It feels great, but my body is slow in adjusting, as evidenced in the toss and turn.
  • Last weekend was a great one; I had wanted to post about it earlier in the week but never got around to it. We had a call previous to Saturday that someone wanted to come and check out our house! We had just been talking about pulling it off the market and then we got the call. So Friday was a flurry of cleaning and straightening and cleaning! We had been pretty relaxed about being realtor ready.
  • Well Sat was a beautiful day, and the house *sparkled*. The realtor came and went. And they made an offer - on a different house. So we are back to wondering, "Do we stay or do we (lower it and) go?"
  • Sunday we still had some sunshine - rare for here this month - so we went on a picnic! I had made ham and cheese biscuits the night before along with macaroni salad. We threw in chips, cookies, and carrots and set off. There is a huge park in the town where G. grew up, so we went there. It has 3 different playground areas, a creek, walking bridges, and an arboretum. Another cool thing about it - it has the old playground equipment; metal monkey bars, teeter-totters!!, swings, and merry-go-rounds! All those items they don't put on playgrounds anymore. G thought they were most likely the same ones he played on 30 years ago.
  • We are done with school and summer boredom has set in big time for my son. We don't have swim lessons set up this summer (yet?). And with little baby I just don't get out like we used to. So he is having a hard time adjusting to no schedule. It makes me consider summer schooling!
  • Baby K has grown! By my own measurements she is now 23 inches, having started out at 20 inches. She is a 'mover', liking to be moving in my arms around the house or in the swing. Occasionally she will lay under her toys and be content.
  • On the way to the store my oldest girl says she needs to brush her hair because "if there is a camera there, my hair will be camera ready."


  1. Regarding the last bullet point: You never know when you need to be camera ready. Someday it will matter.

  2. just a reminder that you will grow older, your children are growing up, and that is the way we want it to happen because the alternative to all this is not good.
    Linda G

  3. In regards for what 'the boy' can do: He can go to Farm Camp for a week or two. Mom says there are lots of weeds in the garbanzos.
    ~Mary Giles

  4. Yep, Farm Camp looms on the horizon for both S and S! Just need to get him through his hayfever month first!