Sunday, December 25, 2011

Celebrating Christmas Day

The morning started too early.
This is a.m.
Why is it that the children can leap out of bed before 6:30 on this holiday, but it takes an act of Congress to get them awake and out of bed on a school day?
Little K opened gifts from her grandma and aunt - new babies! She was so excited; she hugged them and kissed them and talked to them most of the day, carrying them here and there.

Our Best Neighbors Ever gifted us with a retro Pac Man game - which the Boy tested out this morning before church. I don't think the girls have yet had a turn on it.

And then after church it was time for photo op again. And again - getting the 20 month old to participate on my terms? Nearly impossible.

We had to do a little trick photography with my husband helping out in the background. See if you can guess where he is.

Finally Little K wanted to take a picture with her sister and their matching dresses.

While dinner was cooking the girls played their new game - Headbands. G calls it dummy poker .. you have to guess what picture is on your forehead.

And then my in-laws showed up and Little K was a complete sweetie for them.

We decided to break up our gift opening this year.
So, we opened some on Christmas Eve;
some more in the morning after stockings and before church;
some more after a snack when we got home;
some more after the grandparents arrived;
some more after we got dinner in the oven. And then I think we were done.
(But wait! there are more presents waiting for us at my parents home!)

I just remember one of us kept saying, "And now we're done?" and the kids reply, "Oh no, there are more!"
 Swimmer girl got a long-awaited bean bag chair, which has seen all kinds of action today.

And what could be more fun than an empty box? Unless the empty box has sisters in it?!

 And this picture is for his brothers. I just needed to share.
Tomorrow I think we will play games, maybe hang some more sheet rock - I'll have to update you soon on the remodel - a lot of sheet rock is up and it is beginning to really take shape - and we'll probably work on our family yearly letter, since I didn't get any Christmas cards sent out this year.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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