Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jane stop this crazy thing

It has, without a doubt, been a crazy week here at the homestead.
On Sunday we got a puppy. A 10-week old puppy is like a brand new baby.
I already have a baby, an 18-month old human baby.
Nevertheless, I was up at 0-dark-hours of the night trying to comfort this new baby. Every night since then, little puppy likes to be up at least once, howling and whining in her crate. We still run her to the tree once and then back in the crate she goes. But the whining continues until she falls back asleep. So a little lack of sleep once again in our household.
And then on Monday night we had some strange flickering of the lights; the refrigerator kept audibly switching on and off, like it was struggling to work. So the next day I cleaned the coils, and thought that would help things. Nope.... Later I was trying to make dinner and every time I switched on a burner the rest of the house lights dimmed. A lot. At one point I turned on the clothes dryer and all the lights went out. What?!
So my wise wonderful husband went to check the breaker box and other wirings. Since we had a lot of electrician-work done last week, we wondered if something was loose, or screwy. But G. didnt' find anything. So we turned everything off and called the electrician, who came right out to see what was up, because it didn't sound good to him.
And oh boy, what he found.
A melted aluminum bus bar. (ooh, another new term for me to learn!) There was enough arcing and heat in there to melt the aluminum; (which my son informed me, has to be about 1200 degrees to melt). Yikes!
So we were without power until the next day when the electric company could come out and fix our breaker box! Nearly 22 hours without ... makes me appreciate even more the benefit and ease we live with everyday: lights, hot water, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, curling irons, radios....
studying by candlelight.
Of course in the midst of all this, I am trying to school the girls, watch the puppy so she doesn't have an inside accidents; keep the cranky 18 month old from being too disturbing (boy has she had a cranky week!) and do the 'regular' weekly stuff.
We took the pup into the vet today and it wasn't until after lunch that it hit me - we hadn't done ANY school work for the day. Oops. I have been thrown for a loop with all that is going on.
Today is my son's 13th birthday,
sigh, a teenager. He has finally hit that mark.
So far the attitude hasn't been too bad. Yes, difficult at times for a mom and a son to get along. But overall, my boy is still happy to talk to me about most everything.
And I can still make him smile, with a Jacquiz Rogers card:

Or an original ice cream "cake"

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  1. Ice cream - the go-to food! Hope the birthday celebration was lots of fun.

  2. We are addicted to the stuff. It must be genetic, right? :)