Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's the weekend

And what a way to end the week. I took the kids to home school PE Friday afternoon. We don't go as often as we used to, mainly b/c it is in the middle of nap time. But since the Boy got out of school early, and my dear husband was working from home, I was able to take the 4 older kids in to play. (and Little K got a much needed nap at home.)
Part of me wishes I had not. It was sure fun to see my friends again and visit. But what happened next wasn't so fun.
Poor sweet girl's head met with another boy's knee. Ouch! See that bump on her forehead - that is not an optical illusion, nor is it her hand on the back of her head.
That is the goose egg she was left with!
It looked pretty bad, but thankfully she did not have a concussion, and she didn't cry very much either - she has always been a tough one. We monitored her for the evening and nighttime. And she came through with flying colors. I think we I may have 'over' monitored her.
I asked her, before I went to bed, (yes the two older stinkers girls were still awake!!) how she was doing; she said, "Better." So I had to ask, "Better than what?" And her reply, "Better than the last time you asked." - and a little impish grin on her face let me know I could go to bed without much worry.
We managed to keep the TV off last night also. Instead, we sat down and did a puzzle together. Sort of. Some of us worked on the puzzle while others read books to the youngest.
I've heard of March madness for many years now, often filling out brackets to play the 'game' with others predicting the winners. Well, this month is a first for me - the Bowl game picks. Our neighbors and our family have gotten together to fill out our picks for the upcoming days of college football bowl games. Our neighbor, with the help of his son, and our son, will be keeping track of the standings. I wonder what the winner gets ....

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