Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Saturday

I should be posting most of these over on my other blog. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. You'll have to just check over and see.
So on Saturday our little Princess M had her very first basketball practice with Upward Basketball. You may recall the BOY playing in this league for the past 7 years. The two older girls also had a chance to play a few years ago.
Now it's her turn
She was so excited! And I think she did rather well. I might be a little biased, but she dribbles really well, and she even made a basket - an amazing feat when you're only about 40 inches tall and the basket is about 6 feet in the air.

Our puppy is getting easier to handle. She loves to be outside romping with the other dog. But she also really really enjoys the nice cozy warm indoors. Her sleeping positions are hilarious .. although this one seems rather comfy.

Princess girl also had a cousin sleep over this weekend! Add this in to basketball practice and she was so wound up on Friday and Saturday!! The emotional fallout on Saturday night however wasn't pretty.

I managed to get in some baking time. I used my grandmother's green bowl. I really like this bowl, I known I've written about it before...

and I tried a new recipe - Irish Soda Bread -and it came out pretty well. I think I will have to try a couple more times to get it just right. It seems a little too 'wet' when I put it in the pan.

Oh, and I was able to fill my cookies craving. I made a batch of Loaded Cookies, and might even save a few to send to a certain college student.
My husband and kids and brother got nearly all the insulation put up in the addition. AND the garage has most of the ceiling Sheetrock in place. AND the upstairs has a board of Sheetrock in place too! 
Overall, a productive day.

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