Monday, December 26, 2011

The day after

Today was spent looking, pondering, playing.
We relaxed most of the day, well some of us did. Some of us went upstairs and put up more sheet rock in the afternoon. But others of us had tea and watched a movie and played games.
I got some gunpowder this year. (Along with a boatload of other teas! Someone has been reading my blog it appears.)
G got some dynamite. Boy, that was a bit of a shock. Until we realized what it actually is.

My mom made this ornament for Little K. It's one of her first - K's that is, not my mom's; she's a pro at that kind of thing.

And my sister made each one of us a beautiful ornament also!

Little K also got a doll for Christmas from Grandma that had matching dresses - I mean the doll's dress and K's' dress from Grandma matched, not that Grandma has a dress that matches the doll.
K was pretty much thrilled by that gift.

really, she is thrilled, she just doesn't like to sit still for a picture.
The day after Christmas used to be not-a-favorite back when I was little. The letdown of the excitement, the piles that needed to be put away, and the trash that had to be taken care of - not so fun; plus that was often the day the relatives went home (my older siblings at that time.) So I didn't always like the day after Christmas. I wonder if that's why some people have Boxing Day ... another day to celebrate!
But this year, the day after was one of my favorite. Because we did relax, and have fun; there was nothing I had to do. There was no place I had to go or stuff I had to buy. G and I took turns sleeping. (!There's a whole 'nother story there with a not-sleepy baby at 2 am!)) And then I didn't' change out of jammies until after 10:30 - which for me, the get-up-and go-go-go type, is unheard of.
We finished off the day with me not having to cook, because that's what leftovers are all about!! And we played some games tonight with my sister and ate ice cream. All around almost perfect day.
 Happy sigh.
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