Monday, December 5, 2011


There's a show I like to watch. Probably the only show on TV now that I watch, besides my netflix movies. It's a reality show about racing around the world and having to take on different tasks.
In my everyday world I like to imagine I am on that show, racing to complete certain tasks in a strange environment.
Today was one of those days.
It was time for our annual trek to Portland for an appointment and OHSU. My girl has scoliosis, like me, and we have to get it checked out every so often.

So we had to follow directions to get there, because I certainly don't remember from last time. And we had a time crunch, because it's OK for a doctor to be late, but not the patient. Then we had to find out which floor and area to go to. That last part wasn't so hard thankfully.
We were "training for the race."
And then The Girl had to answer questions - basic ones, but I wanted her to answer for herself.

There was a waiting period too. In various rooms - the lobby, the patient's room, the x-ray room, back to the patient's room. So we got to hone our intellectual skills with various medical terms sprinkled around the room.

And then The Girl got to model a highly fashionable medical ensemble.
I was quite envious. I don't think she was convinced of my interest.

Finally after a nice visit with the Doctor, we were on to the next leg of the training for the race.
Finding our way out of Portland.
At one point, we were lost exploring when we realized we needed a little help. I was able to call my sister in-law who gave me some direction. As I drove on I realized I just needed to go a little further down the road and I was where I needed to be. So I had been on the right track, just not confident of it after wandering exploring for so long. But we finally made it home, awake and alive.
Training for the race.
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  1. oh, I could really see you and G doing the race. start training even more and apply. Go for it and Believe.