Thursday, March 15, 2012


Can you guess what we are watching in our household tonight?
My husband and I grew up watching Wild Kingdom, with Marlin Perkins. Remember that?? My kids have the Crikey! man - Steve Irwin. We love to watch his shows, "Croc Files" is the one for tonight. We get them from Netflix, and we all enjoy them. That guy was ... a piece of work. His wife is from Oregon, which is pretty cool itself. She reminds me a lot of one of my sister-in-laws, in looks and in demeanor, and adventure. We were all very saddened the day we heard the news of Steve Irwin;s death back in 2006. But we love watching the shows. I think I wrote about this once a few years back. My son had just watched some croc wrestling, and had gone outside to wrestle our huge Lab. And that dog didn't mind a bit; he didn't fight back like a croc, but the Boy had a good time anyway.

The sickness has hit our household. Last week my oldest had a fever which transitioned into a bad cold. This week little K. had the fever for 2 days and now has quite a goobery nose. Two others are sneezing; and my throat is starting to 'feel' something.

But I still got in my 5 mile run today. I am a little off schedule for the half-marathon. But I know I can make it. The great thing was how good it felt while running. There is a hill that usually gets me every time. And today I made it up without stopping! And I surprised myself with a great pace (for me).

While running I had some great ideas go through my mind. One of them was about another project I want to tackle. Well, 2 projects really. Like I have time for that. One of them has to do with my great-grandparents. I always thought that my mom's grandmother was a mail-order bride of sorts. I really want to get to the bottom of the story and find out what happened. How did she end up in Washington after being in Chicago? And my dad's parents too - I have no idea what their story was. How did they meet? Was it before Grandpa went overseas in the War? Was it after? What about their courtship and marriage? Just a bunch of the thoughts swirling in my head as I ran.
The other project is related to those thoughts. I want to gather a bunch of the stories of my relatives and friends, and put them together. I've done this once before and it was really cool to read through. My kids enjoy going back to it occasionally. But there are a number of "new" marriages and I want to get those recorded now.

Has the time-change messed anyone else up? We haven't made it to bed at a good hour all week. The kids have been up late; tonight though! tonight I am cracking the whip and getting them in there at a decent hour. It's the first night all week that we haven't had something going on.

We had pizza tonight before our movie time. The funny thing - I had to tell my 6 year old to stop eating the veggies from the Costco tray I had bought, and eat her pizza. What kind of mom tells her kid this?!

We turned in our Awana Grand Prix cars last night. (We?! Oh, yeah, it was G and the kids. I stayed out of it this year.) It took a lot of work and some stress, some last minute repairs and reshaping, but the wood blocks were weighed and turned in, ready to race 75 others on Saturday. The Grand Prix is a yearly racing of little wooden blocks - shaped into whatever design the owner would like. Here's last year's post. The funny thing - when the kids got home from church that night, they started talking about what kind of design they wanted for NEXT year!! One of these days I am going to enter one. I have my design all picked out - a piece of bacon!

One more thing. We're dealing with 'favoritism' in the family now. Seems like some children think one or more of their siblings are the 'favorites' of either Mom or Dad, or other relatives. It has been quite a week of talking, explaining, listening and praying for their little hearts. I can remember dealing with the same thing as a kid. I'm sure my mom liked my brother more than me! And now I can relate to my kids going through it too.


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  1. I love the sound of your projects, keep me updated with what stories you find out!
    Sad to hear about the favoritism, I guess we all go through that, but your kids are all some of my favorite cousins ;)