Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is it March?

 Really? It's March? I couldn't tell it was the beginning of spring break!
The snow startled us on Wed morning. But the boy still had school.
The girls went out and played in the morning (until the broken shoulder episode)
One came in to warm up.
By Wed night the snow had been falling all day, and was starting to stick when we got home from church.
The Boy went out to play before bedtime.
Anything to wear him out!
This morning we woke up to even more snow, and cancelled school.
The dogs had great fun chasing the snowballs we threw for them, that somehow disappeared as the dog sniffed for it!
Some of the kids went out to play in the snow while it was here. The sun came out mid-morning and started melting the snow. We watched a movie today - a nice change for a daytime - called The Mighty Macs. It was an interesting story about a Catholic college girls basketball team.

And then the doorbell rang; and these arrived at our house:
What a sweet daddy my kids have!
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  1. I didn't see your school posted on TV as being closed....What power you have! Did you have a meeting of the minds to make this decision or was it unilateral? :)

    1. It was only closed on Thursday due to the weather; if i had any power, it would have been to keep it open!