Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Big 3

 Monday was a big day for me.
The first day of spring break week, and I had plans! Can you tell -
I made a list of what I want to accomplish this week.
Of course, as in the past, my plans are rarely what God has lined up for me that day.
Nothing has been erased yet.

 It was also my mom's birthday - pretty good for under 80.
I think she is 39, since that's how long I've known her.
The family went over to my  parents' house to celebrate with her last night.

And finally - running. We're 3 weeks away from the half-marathon. Which means I had an 11 mile run looming in front of me when I woke up Monday morning.
A long, restless night with my youngest was not helping my frame of mind either. I tried to nap first but gave up and just went for a run.
And I did it! A 6 mile loop, then a stop at home for a drink a 4 mile loop; another drink, And the last mile was with my son. He made me run it in under 9 minutes! I was pretty tired and sore last night!
But it sure feels good to have that accomplishment under my feet.
And that 13.1 doesn't look so scary anymore.
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