Monday, March 5, 2012

Our busy weekend

Basketball season is over for our household. Although March madness brackets will be on the table soon!
And we got to sleep in on Saturday. That was the only downtime for the weekend.
Even without basketball consuming our lives, we were on the move with meetings, church, teaching, kid's commitments and the everyday moments of life.

Here are some of the highlights throughout the day.
Little K. loves oranges! Her tastes continue to surprise me. These oranges came from my brother's backyard (as I was told) and they are SO good! Thank you guys!
Big brother is now ... shaving. Yikes. I thought boys were suppose to be OLD when they started shaving. How is it my 13 year old has had to shave at least 3 times now?

I finally got it documented on camera.
Dad helps out:

All clean:

This is what my oldest girl spent her time with on Saturday.
She helped G in the upstairs all day long.
Just one more thing girls need to know how to do before they leave home, right?
G and I were both able to get our long runs in this weekend. I made it to 8 miles on Sunday, and it actually felt good. I probably could have gone another mile! The half is about a month away - I'm at the point I think I can actually do this.

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  1.'s all downhill from there. Call me in five years crying when he leaves. I'll be there for you. All kinds of love and sympathy. Although, mine doesn't shave anymore. He has a hairy man face.

    And of course you can do 13.1. You will be great!

  2. Thanks Patsy! So many more milestones to go through. Not too exciting to get through them at this age as it was at 2 yrs old!