Thursday, March 29, 2012

Growing Up - guest blogger

We have a guest blogger with us today. 
My 11 year old daughter is at the age - not wanting to play so much with the younger set, and not sure what else to do - so I let her try her hand at this:

Guess who got a new bed today. Little K couldn't wait to try it out.
She helped(?) take her old crib apart and put together her new one.

Everyone felt the urge to sit on it.
"Okay, Mom, you can turn off the lights now, I'm ready for my nap!"

(I'm back thanks to my girl for filling in) Yes, Little K is no longer in the crib. I was SO tired of getting her out of bed in the middle of the night to snuggle with me in my bed. Yes, we have fallen into that habit. Now it's time to change. 
Because she shares a room with her older brother, I couldn't just let her cry it out. Poor Brother needs sleep! since he has to get up early and go to school away from home. 
So I usually just tuck her in next to me and try to sleep.
It's getting old, really fast. 
So my plan is this - in the bed she can fuss, but I can lay next to her for a minute, and then leave when she falls back to sleep. Thus I can sleep peacefully in my space, and she in hers. No more kicks in the ribs, unless my sweet husband has a crazy dream.
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  1. Hope this transition goes well for you. I remember when our M was young and I would sit with him until he fell asleep and then tried to sneak out -- at which time he woke up and we started again....