Monday, March 19, 2012

The weekend as promised

  Here are the kids working on their cars before turn-in day. We had a short time to do the work on them, and we invited the neighbor to join in on the fun. (We?! oh, yeah, it was the kids and G who did it all. I was just transportation and chef.)

Saturday started bright and early. A little too early for me, after I was up late Friday night at an OSU gymnastics meet - fun times.
 Here Miss M is getting ready to throw a beanbag at the pin in the middle:

The two older girls had Awana games all morning. And they did awesome! Their teams placed 1st and 2nd.
Here is S, preparing for a relay. She did a lot of running this year, and her legs hurt afterwards

 On the drive between Awana events Little K found an innovative way to hold the lunch Mom wanted her to eat, and the snack she wanted to eat. She did manage to eat them both eventually.
 She and I were able to take a little break at home, to feed the dogs and get some drinks. I just love the look on her face in this photo. It isn't really a clear one (sorry. cheap cameras do that for me.) But maybe you can see the I'm So Cute Look on her.

Here is littlest M and her buddy, our neighbor. They are the same age and usually get along so well.She was pretty excited to have him doing the car races with her.

 The races were for all ages, of course. G, in the middle, went up against his step-dad; his mom and I - well, we don't enter these car races. We're, once again, chefs and transportation. And I am so thankful that my in-law chef! They took us out for dinner after the car races - I was so tired from the long day, and dinner out with the family was just perfect! To be sit and be served and entertained ... lovely!
 How is it that just sitting and watching for hours and hours, can make a body tired?
 And here are the cars, from our household.
The names this year were creative once again,
From L to R we have Black Eye; Blackbird 2 (I think that was the name?),
Twinkie, Sunnyside Up, and Beavers in the House.

And let me leave you with one final picture. My daughter the one person band. And her accompaniment.
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