Thursday, March 22, 2012

ER the 4th

Actually I think it's the 5th round now. 

Yesterday I got to take my oldest girl to the ER after her visit to the doctor's office.
The snow around here was beautiful and  ... treacherous for some.
The Boy was off to school; the three girls were out playing in the snow. The youngest was nice and warm inside, keeping her snotty nose running warm.
Around 9:30 the girls came in to warm up, and the oldest lays down on the floor.
In pain.
And she's crying.
This girl is emotional (I get that) so I didn't think too much of it. I just figured she was really cold.
And then Miss M tells me that S. fell and got hurt. And I asked, "Whatever do you mean my dear daughter?" or something similar to that. She told me S. fell out of a tree.
Now the tears make a little more sense.
I asked S. directly to tell me what happened. And the more the story poured out, along with the pain, the more I began to realize there was more to this than the eye could see.
To make this long story a little shorter; I took her into the Dr. who referred us to the ER - why, I'm not sure, but we went. Thankfully my sister had the day off from work and came to watch the other girls!!
So after check-in, and X-ray, and some anti-nausea medicine (b/c poor girl went pale and felt sick numerous times) we got to watch some daytime TV.
Not. Much. On.
We did see a travel show about some guy who ate sea slug guts. mmm. (?) We didn't have much lunch until we got home in the afternoon.
The ER was busy that day! Perhaps it had to do with all the snow we got IN MARCH!
The doctor saw us, and diagnosed a broken humerus. I tried to tell my girl how funny it was .. but she wasn't quite up to laughing.
We have her arm in a sling to keep it from moving. No cast - kind of hard to cast a broken shoulder bone. With plenty of ibuprofen, books to reads, and movies to watch, oh and schoolwork to do, S. is set for the next few weeks on the couch. She has been such a trooper. Her s.o.p. is usually low-pain tolerance and lots of tears. But I have been so impressed with how she has been handling it all very well!

And I've had enough of the ER, thankyouverymuch.

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