Sunday, April 14, 2013

Farmin' Time Again

It's a good thing my husband watches one of my favorite shows with me!
I'm talking about "Chopped" not Duck Dynasty! D.D. is not his thing, although I love it.
So the other day I was made some soft pretzels in the bread machine. They just didn't turn out "right." It seems most of my breads from the machine are not coming out too well. So, we had all these bready treats to eat, and yet no one really wanted them for a snack. We tried putting honey mustard on them. We tried jam. Still not right. And then my smart husband said, why not melt some butter with garlic salt, and dip the pretzels in them? Aha! Just like in those Mediterranean restaurants, where you dip pieces of bread in olive butter, or such. And so I listened to him, and wow, they were good that way! I guess we can watch a lot more Chopped - it's sinking in subconsciously.

We made it out to the farm on Friday to do some work with Grandpa. It was a sunny spring day, but COLD. We loaded up the girls on the tractor trailer and headed down to the garden/woods.
And then we warmed ourselves up by throwing wood onto the trailer and heading back to the shed.
Miss S got to start out by running the splitter. A very important job!
We split and stacked and kept nice and toasty. The two youngest stayed happy playing in the dirt. I think they get that gene from me.
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