Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring sprang sprung

The last half of spring break was beautiful! Sunny and warm weather in Oregon at the end of March?? Unheard of. We actually wore shorts and didn't have goosebumps.
The kids had "friends" day or two. And we had some lego fun - which resulted in a billion photos on my camera that looked kind of like this:
We made a trip to the airport to greet and help transport our friends who flew in from S. America!
Hurray! - we get to see them for a year!
We also found the shoes and dresses for Easter and an upcoming wedding.
 Little girl shoes are just so cute!

The kids got to wash both vehicles

and took some time to smell the flowers

For Easter I dressed up our kids and off to church we all went. This year we didn't have to wear sweaters over the sleeveless dresses. Why oh why do dressmakers make spring dresses without sleeves?! And why oh why do stores in Oregon NOT sell dresses with sleeves for little girls??  

After an awesome church service we packed up and headed to my sister and brother-in-law's home to meet up with family. 7 of the 10 siblings were there along with my parents. It was most fun watching the cousins play and giggle, and search for eggs.

I think we hid over 70 eggs on the first round. Oh, yeah, there were plenty more hide and finds after that. The first hunt all the eggs had something inside, either some chocolate or some coins. The next round there were some dollars in a few of the eggs. In the adult round - when the children hid the eggs for the grown-ups - we found almonds inside the eggs! 
We are back to school today, and the clouds are forming. I've got a couple of cranky kids coming down from the sugar high. It's going to be a GREAT week.
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