Monday, April 22, 2013

Swim Weekend

(I had hoped to have this up earlier in the day ... but my truck broke down, and that threw a wrench in everything. Forced to stay at home, I turned to projects that really needed taking care of - like curtains for my girls' bedroom. One down, one to go.)

We had two meets in one weekend this time around. Or rather, She did:
Saturday morning was her swim team's first meet of this year; not sure when the next one will be, but she was pretty excited to finally be using her skills that she has been practicing twice weekly for eons.
On Sunday we drove to another town for her (and ours) first ever triathlon.
into the pool - the one in the red cap
It was so much fun! I would have joined her if I could swim.
And by the time it was over, the other girls were clamoring to do a tri also!
 The course was not too long, just right for a 12 year old. She swam 100 meters, biked 2 and half miles, and then ran half a mile. Since swimming is her strongest point - and her favorite - she did really well in that area, getting out of the pool second.
done with the swim, on to the bikes
The biking part wasn't as easy; she didn't switch gears on the bike, and it hurt her legs a bit; but
she recovered nicely to finish strong on the run, passing someone, and coming in 4th overall.
Second for the girls.
The weather was perfect for a race, and we'll be looking for another one soon.
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