Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Raising Girls

I was raised with boys. I lived in a neighborhood filled with mainly boys. I fought my mom on dressing like a girl. You know, the whole dresses and pretty hair and white socks thing. My best friend(s) when I was young were boys - There was one girl, a sister a boy I played with; and my cousin, who is a girl. I remember asking my mom for a baby brother when I was a kid too. She laughed at that. (Now that I am a mom I can see why she, as a mom to ten by age 38, laughed.)
My husband was raised in a house of boys. No sisters.
So I figured I would have boys when I got married. That was the plan anyway. But God had other plans for me. We have one son, and 4 daughters. Even our dogs are female. But I am still trying to figure out this whole raising girls thing. My poor eldest girl - she's the guinea pig for it all. She is 12 years old, and although she has zero interest in boys (phew!) I know the day is coming. That's why when I read this post on a friends facebook, I loved it!
"(girl to Dad:) Dad a friend of mine has a boyfriend that wants to hold her hand. What would you say if a boy asked to hold my hand?
(Dad): I tell ya what, any boy that wants to hold your hand has to let me hold his first. If after we hold hands, he's able to still hold yours... Then he can."

oh yeah!! I mentioned this to my husband and he agreed it was an awesome idea. And then, as we talked around the dinner table, things snowballed, as they are apt to do. 
"If he wants to date you, he has to date Dad first."
"If he wants to hug you, he has to hug Dad first."
"If he wants to kiss you, he has to kiss Dad first."

The girls laughed. But G was pretty serious underneath it all. 
Yeah ... this is going to be fun.

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  1. remember Greg's trusting him with the car theory?