Saturday, April 6, 2013


Some of my regular readers might know I like to run. A lot.
And some might know that if my offspring are running or racing I get a little ... intense during their race.
And so it happened yesterday.
We are now in the middle of track season. The Boy had his first meet of the year last night. In the pouring rain no-less. Brought back fun memories of my high school track experience. WE once ran in the hail. Of course as a mom I wanted him to "Stay dry!" and "Get under the canopy", but as a 14 year old, he didn't really pay much attention to that, rather enjoying the time in the rain being goofy and hanging with the guys.
The Boy ran the 400 m, 800m and 4x400m relay yesterday. It was great! He had grown so much since last year, and gotten faster too. He smoked the field on his races. On one of the races (800m) he was just doggin' it until the last 100m but then he kicked it in and won. I am pretty sure he won the 400m also, but my line of sight was not direct from the grandstands, so I can't say for sure. But I'm going with the win.
I was cheering quite enough that my throat was feeling a little scratchy by the end of the day. And even though we were huddled under blankets to stay warm, I had to be on my feet when the Boy was racing. It's like I lose all care for what others might think; maybe if I yell enough I can help the child will go faster!
We've got more meets this month, along with my daughter's first triathlon, and my half. It's going to be a cheery month indeed!


  1. send us the schedules so we track fanatics can come and cheer crazily too.

  2. Good for him! And tear up your half.

  3. Let me know if he needs some help with his starts.

  4. reading this brings back good memories of our high school swim meets ;)! moms are always the biggest cheerleaders. i think a few times my mom almost fell into the water she was cheering so hard! good luck on your half marathon!!