Friday, April 26, 2013

Going Without

I have not driven since Monday morning. Now, that would make sense for me if I was on vacation in a foreign land. But I'm at home. Ive been at home since Monday afternoon - the one afternoon when I thought I would never get home. The pickup wouldn't start in the parking lot of a store. My rescue-hero (aka husband) saved the day, got the pickup to the mechanic and got me home. But then 2 days later he was off to work out of town. And the pickup was in the shop still, because it was starting for the mechanic and they couldn't see exactly what was wrong with it! I'm thankful it was my husband who took the pickup in, because I don't know if they would've believed me.
So we've been at home this week. It hasn't been exactly easy either, with children's activities, a boy at school, and with sports and church stuff. I have had to rely on others' kindness to pick up my kids or drop them off. That has been pretty humbling too. On the other hand, I have gotten some things done around here that I probably would not have done if I knew I would have to stop and go somewhere. Things like making curtains for my girls' room; hanging pictures in the boy's room. Starting the immense task of sorting through boxes and boxes of papers and stuff that got shoved into the 'spare' room; I also got to spend time just sitting outside in the sun and watching my girls play. I'm usually in working on some food or cleaning or grading schoolwork.
So as much as I have missed my wheels, and as much as I really want them back (I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and I still need to buy a gift!) I guess it has been okay to stay home.

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