Friday, November 15, 2013

Cha Ching

I've probably already said this, but saving money is so much fun!!
This week has been a great one in the savings department.
I often go to Fred Meyer, and use my rewards card to rack up points. And then I use the points to get a few cents off my gasoline. And if you look at your receipt closely, there are occasionally surveys (which are super simple to fill out!) and you get more fuel points for doing it.
So I did a couple of those in the past month. For whatever reason I had a ton of points on my card, and when I went to fill up my gas tank earlier this week, I got 20c off of each gallon!! Seriously, I wanted to do a little dance right there. So even though the price sign said 3.15 per gallon, I only paid 2.95! Wahoo!
And then today, let me tell you - I saved over $13 at the grocery store just using coupons! Wowzer.
I print most of my coupons out from Swagbucks, so not only am I getting the money saved at the grocery store, I am gaining swag points to use towards gift cards later. Awesome!
(( If you want to know more about Swagbucks, I can go on and on, just ask ))

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