Friday, November 8, 2013


How much Halloween candy do you have left?!?

So it has been a week since the big party-day, aka trick-r-treat night.
And I am finally getting around to showing you my little costumers.
This year we had a puppy, an Olympic swimmer, and a hot dog.

I think this year Little K. really got into the fun of it. After every house we visited, she would come back and excitedly say, "I got candy!"
As you can see, we got a lot of candy too! There were a number of houses where our girls were the only ones, or the very few that came to a house, so the candy was often very freely handed out. At a neighbor's house, we were the last to visit, and they just dumped the rest of the candy into the girl's bags.
In our family we dump everything into one bowl to share. I went through and checked all the pieces, and then divided the suckers and hard candy out from the rest. And yes, I threw some away.
Throughout the week I have let the kids have some for after-lunch, or after supper. 
I would much rather have them chew on some candy for a few minutes, than have a lollipop of sugar stuck in their mouth for an hour. So we are down to just about halfway through the acceptable candy.
And it's about time to go buy more toothpaste.
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  1. I like how you limit how much candy they can have in a day. too many parents let the kids just eat as much as they want. This leads to upset stomachs, sugar highs and lows, and craving for more when it is all gone. A little treat once a meal is good. plus the candy is spread out to christmas and beyond!! freeze some of the candy bars for next summer at the farm!! They taste great then.