Friday, November 8, 2013


We got to go to parent-teacher conferences this week. G and I took an afternoon and visited with all the teachers for our 2 kids who are going to school.
I can still remember the first time I went to a teacher meeting, as a mom. It was way back in 2004. We had an exchange student living with us. She was a senior at the local high school, and so I got to go and meet with her teachers and make sure she was doing ok in school. All the teachers were in the gymnasium, and I went from desk to desk meeting and talking with her teachers.
What a far cry this was from that! We were able to sign up online - which was so nice! And then we went from classroom to classroom, seeing where our kids sit, meeting the teachers, or re-meeting in some cases. We learned about what they were doing in class, as well as how they were doing. And some of the comments we got from the teachers about our 2nd born kind of surprised us, in a good way.
It seems that our daughter is starting to show her goofy side to the rest of the world. She is sly about it sometimes out in public. Of course, here at home, we knew about it for awhile. Other people are also beginning to see her compassionate, encouraging side.
Another comment we got a lot of was how much she and I look alike. I wouldn't have guessed that. I think she takes after her paternal grandmother - or she used to. I guess as she is maturing she's becoming more like me, in many ways.
Overall, we had great meetings with the teachers, and learned that we were doing great as parents, raising some respectful and eager-to-learn kids. You don't hear that often enough, if at all, in your own home; so it's pretty nice when someone compliments you on your kids. Too often I beat myself up over the areas I think I am failing in their upbringing, so a little pat on the back from a teach can go a long way.

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