Friday, November 1, 2013

The Big City

I made my annual foray into the big city today.
Every year I am suppose to take my daughter to the back specialist in Portland. Well, I will confess I have not done it every single year. But the time came for it to happen, and so we went.
Now for many people, it's no big deal to travel to Portland for a doctor's appointment. But for me ... for whatever reason, it never goes well.
My morning was rushed; and then I had to make sure I picked up the kids from school at the right time, to get to my parent's in time, to get to the appointment on time. I didn't have a chance to pack our lunches so I splurged on a fast food lunch for the 6 of us. I dropped them at my parent's home, and headed on to Portland. So I decided to go the back roads as far as I could until I got on the interstate. Well, I took a wrong turn, had to turn around, and finally made it to the freeway. I was sure glad we left 'early'.
As we got closer to OHSU, I was trying to find the google directions I had, and then I saw the signs for the hospital. So what do I do? Follow google or follow street signs? I thought street signs might be best.
Yeah, that got me lost. I knew the general direction I needed to go ... just not the roads I needed to take to get there. Lost again. But we made eventually it, with time to spare.
The appointment went well, and it was pretty quick too, which is just a blessing from God, because I needed all the extra time for my return home trip!
Coming down from the hill ... I got lost. I was trying to get to the interstate, but was actually heading away from it. And then I saw a road name that sounded familiar! I knew it was near my oldest brother's home. So I made my way to his home area, and then I was able to find my way to the interstate.
And ran smack dab into an awful mess of traffic. Not only was it game day down south in Corvallis (which put extra cars on the road) it was Friday traffic on the first of the month. Stop and go for miles and miles and miles.
But we eventually made it home. And my yearly drive to the big city is done once again. Phew.

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