Monday, November 25, 2013

Random Days of November

Just a little warning ahead of time, this will probably end up being a pretty random entry. The unifying theme here is the kids, and the month of November.
The girls have been taking piano lessons since October, and it has been so fun to hear them play now. The first week ... well the little key -plunking got old really fast, but their enthusiasm never waned.
Just like the leaves from our trees. The girls would go out one day and rake the leaves from both the front and back yards; the next day it would look like they hadn't even been there. They haven't been discouraged yet. Maybe it's the novelty of jumping in the leaf-piles, or the fun of climbing in the bin to pack the leaves in a little, whatever it takes, they keep going back out happily, to rake the leaves.

Big Miss M. got to go to a little party at a neighbor's house. They made these cute, yummy, little turkeys - they really did look better in person when they were fresh. This was taken a day or so later when I finally got batteries in the camera. Besides making up these goodies, the girls at the party did turkey bowling. I didn't understand at first, but yes, they took a frozen turkey, still wrapped, and bowled with it in the driveway. I am sure that would have been hilarious to watch!

Little Miss M had been counting down to yesterday ever since mid-October. She was so excited to be baptized last night at our church. Her dad, who has dunked the other 3 kids, also got to be the one to baptize M. She had been asking to be baptized for over a year now, and after going through a class at church we felt she was finally ready and understood what it was all about. So we celebrated her big night afterwards with a special cake and lots of family around.

This was one of our special visitors - little baby boy cousin. Of course he came along with his 2 older sisters, who just happen to be favorites to my two youngest girls. It was a full-on party for those kids! I hardly saw my girls once their cousins showed up. But that's ok, 'cause I was busy holding a baby!

And finally, today, the first 'real' day of vacation according to my 13-yr old, we had more friends over! The Boy went to work with G and the 3 older girls had friends here all day. Some even brought donuts!
So, yes, we will be having them back again. Besides that, the older girls made lunch for all 7 of them, and then cleaned up; they took Little K to the park and then cracked walnuts for us later. It was a stellar day.

And that wraps up the random November post.
Enjoy your day.
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