Friday, November 8, 2013

Wall Art

As I am slowly going through everything in the house and slowly throwing things out, of giving things away, that we don't need, I have been struck by an idea to redo the wall art also. (Some of it, not all of it, don't worry husband!) I came across this family tree one day while browsing pinterest and was really struck by it.
So later next week a friend is coming by to help draw it on the wall.

When I first mentioned it to my husband he had a chuckle, thinking I was going to put the entire family tree on the wall. He figured it would take over the ceiling and move into the next room. I suppose if I did do all my siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles, then yes, it would engulf the house. I've got a couple of photos ready to go up there; but I will probably be searching for some more of our ancestry. I'm not sure how far back I will go either. I guess it kind of depends on what photos I can come up with. So if any of my family members have some grandparent's photos, feel free to share.

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