Saturday, November 9, 2013


Today was a work day at the farm.
We joined a number of my siblings out there to cut and split and stack wood along with other farm chores.
I think my dad sure liked having all the extra hands helping today. He even got my brother and husband up on the barn roof for some repairs and addition.
The older two kids got to do some driving, one on the tractor, the other on the forklift.
The Boy also got a tutorial in running a chainsaw.
Meanwhile the other girls helped harvest 2 rows of carrots; they filled the back of the pickup, and then we cut the tops off, washed them up, dried them, and stored them in the cellar.
Then, since the back of the pickup was empty, we filled it up with firewood to take home.
And this last photo ... it just struck me - all the pickups that were at the farm. I don't think they all show in the photo, but there were 6 of them in this little area at the time I took this.
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  1. I love that first picture of the farm! Such beauty!!