Thursday, August 18, 2011

Band of brothers

I went running this morning. I often write blog posts inside my head while I run. It helps the mile(s) go by easily, and keeps me distracted. In high school cross-country I would make up stories while I ran. If I could run with a keyboard attached somehow I would be cranking out the posts and stories.
For now, I am technologically challenged, and don't have a smartphone, and just have to try and remember what is in my brain. At my age it's getting to be harder to do that.
But that's not what I was thinking of this morning.
Today as I ran I was thinking of my brothers. I often ran from them when I was little.
But now they aren't so bad. I'm actually kind of beginning to like them.
This weekend they are building a fence. 6 of the 7 boys, plus our bonus brother - the one who married into the family - are building a fence for my sister. That statement might not seem like much in and of itself. But it smacks of a great deal more than just building a fence.
It says I've got your back any time you need it. It says I'm here to help even if we have too many people. It says you are important just because you are part of this family. It says Don't mess with us, because there are more of us than there are of you.
There will be more than just brothers (and sisters!) working on the fence this weekend. Cousins, and uncles will probably show up too. Maybe my parents, aunts, neighborhood dogs, curious passers-by. And any psycho neighbors who don't like it ... will just have to deal.
I'm blessed to be in such a large - and genuine - family. Thanks God for making us this way.


  1. ditto in everything you said

  2. I think your blog needs a 'like' button!

  3. i grew up with only sisters. which makes it fun and different to be living with all boys now! i can't wait to watch caleb and his brother grow up together. it's a totally different ball game with boys! glad i married into such a supportive and loving and large family!!!