Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time flies

We had quite a busy week. Between driving and working and just keeping the 5 kids from breaking any (more) bones ... I was pretty exhausted by this morning. But it's all downhill from here.In a good way.
We did take a few hours off to go play at the beach. My sister called and said the weather was great and come on out. So we did!
On the drive over I managed to capture the cool kids in the car, the other two did not want to participate.

And the weather at the beach WAS gorgeous. Of course, this is Oregon, and even in August we wear sweatshirts at the beach.(ugh, spots on the lens - sand? moisture? sorry for the blurs)
It didn't stop them from jumping into the waves though
And we found a sea star hanging out in a small pool of water leftover from high tide

Baby girl ran all over the sand, but thankfully didn't stray too far away from me. She occasionally would stop running, sit in the sand, feel it, and then lay down in it. I guess she likes it!

And she's off again

Lunch was at The Chowder Bowl where my niece works - yum! Overall a wonderful break from what I was doing inland, and a fun time at one of my favorite spots.
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